On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock. – Thomas Jefferson


We are guided daily by our Integrity and maintaining our reputation in the community. We hold our ground morally and artistically for ourselves, our company and for you.


We strongly believe in Partners. We are Partners with our manufacturers, designers, and distributors we are all connected and share in success and problem solving.


International Lights is known for Respecting the specification. We have a deep appreciation for your expertise and the work you do. We will always work with you to have your vision come true.


Everyone at International Lights is Passionate about lighting and our work. Without Passion, we would not be able to achieve the success we have had with so many designers, manufacturers, and projects.

Team Work

We work collectively as a Team to make you successful. Yes, we are a sales agency with individual accounts but our priority is you. We join efforts in accounts, we support each other daily, and anyone on the International Lights team can assist you.


We are consistent in always supporting our customers and finding solutions for you during the design process, procurement, installation, and once occupied (post sales). We are Reliable and trustworthy and driven by your success.


We work hard and long hours. We are fortunate to work with so many wonderful people in the lighting industry and we enjoy each other. We all spend so much time and energy at the office away from our families. We are family and families should take time to enjoy each other and have some fun. It is a necessary balance to succeed.