Mark Jacobs


T: (212) 414-2803 Ext: 306

Mark is a master of quotations and does so while always maintaining a smile! His attitude is contagious and always puts everyone he talks to in a great mood. Mark’s cheery disposition is a result of priding himself on working hand-in-hand with his customers and fostering strong connections across the industry. Mark also grew up in the industry and has allowed his experience to provide a solid foundation for all of International Lights. With a tight grasp of the lighting market, growing trends and the reflections in pricing, Mark uses his skills to make sure distributors always have the best chance of closing the project. He joined International Lights in 1994 and previously worked in distribution focusing on quotes and project management. Mark is a graduate of Ithaca College by earning a Marketing Degree. He is a sports fanatic, always in-the-know about football, baseball and hockey. Whether he is traveling, cheering on the Rangers, with his son at Penn State, or enjoying a Diet Coke, Mark enjoys it most when it’s with his family.