Ashlyn Bergman


T: (212) 414-2803 Ext: 314

Ashlyn graduated in nursing while residing in Virginia but then turned to lighting in 2004 for a creative outlet. Just as in nursing, she is drawn to helping those in need of her service and has quickly become a true professional in the lighting space. She worked as a rep in Virginia until 2014 then ventured into manufacturing as a Regional Sales Manager for an Italian Lighting Company. She joined International Lights in 2016 as a Sales Specialist and quickly impressed the entire New York lighting scene with her energy, attention to detail and her product knowledge. She prides herself in her rapid but accurate responsiveness. In her free time, she loves to travel and takes staying active to the next level. Ashlyn is an avid participant in Crossfit and enjoys running marathons and ultra-marathons in scenic areas of the country.