Echo Blade by SPI Lighting – Groundbreaking, Slim Performance Lighting

Discover the slimmest, most discrete high output asymmetric lighting tool on the market. Echo Blade combines high output density with outstanding light quality in a sleek new architectural form that performs as great as it looks. With a profile as thin as 1.5″, it delivers 12,000 to 36,000 lumens.

8 January, 2021

Zynn 2” Ring by SPI Lighting

Experience the art of functional minimalism with Zynn 2” Ring, a new high performance direct/indirect luminaire for lighting professionals. Available in a serious array of indirect and direct output options, select the combination that’s right for your design. Standard sizes from 2’ to 16’.

8 January, 2021

SPI Lighting introduces new 2” x 4” cross-section Novato Frame

Noted for its three fully luminous sides, crisp design details, and weightless presence, Novato 2″ Frame exhibits the precision and performance essential for your most important projects. Now you can specify it in a 2″ or 4″ diffuser height. Available in 2’, 3, and 4’ sizes.

27 March, 2020

SPI Lighting’s groundbreaking Pavo 2” Horizontal now available in continuous runs

When your design demands the exceptional, choose this new ultra-refined choice in linear lighting. With its distinctive 360° of illumination and weightless presence, Pavo 2″ Horizontal continuous runs are an expression of light in its most basic form. And at just 2” in diameter, its scale is ideal for low ceiling applications where attention to detail matters the most.

27 March, 2020

Meteor launches new DOT microcylinder series

The new DOT microcylinder series combines elegant design, performance and functionality; making it the microcylinder of the decade. They come with a UGR <19 rating for Well Building projects and the Honeycomb Louver and Solite lens options offer excellent glare control. Also featured are tool-free, field replaceable optics and mounting, as well as smooth Dim to Dark compatibility, Warm Dim color tuning from 2700 K – 1800 K and the highest standard of Video Flicker-Free.

22 January, 2020

Meteor brings classic back with the VELA 6 cylinder

The VELA 6 classic cylinder is a high performing 6-inch aperture cylinder with an output of up to 9,500 lumens. This cylinder can be paired with aluminum or acrylic shrouds and translucent white or clear decorative diffusers. All of which are ideal for general illumination and that hallmark look.

22 January, 2020

Slice through the noise with Luxxbox Blade

Slice through the noise for a more productive and enjoyable workplace with the Luxxbox Blade Acoustic Light. Available with or without striking LED illumination, Blade reduces reverberated noise in open space for increased comfort and concentration. Available in more than 50 mesmerizing colors, Blade can be customized to suit any interior space. Individual Blade pendants can be seamlessly installed to create infinite lengths of noise absorption.

12 December, 2019

New product alert – Luxxbox Linea

Linea is a slimline acoustic LED system, suitable for offices, boardrooms, cafes and classrooms. Boasting superior noise absorbing properties as well as class leading LED performance, Linea is a functional luminaire that doubles as a tool for sound management for all environments. Fixtures can be used independently or in a continuous run over workstations as a functional illumination source.

Linea comes in a range of lengths, heights, finishes and colors. Also available as an unlit baffle.

11 December, 2019

MP Lighting – A snapshot of 2020

As 2020 is approaching, MP Lighting is set to launch new luminaires. From the new architectural wood finishes to linear system for task & accent lighting and more options for wine rack systems, MP luminaires strive to offer solutions to the increasingly diverse project requirements. Have a peak, and follow us on Instagram @mp_lighting for more application ideas throughout the year.

20 November, 2019

MP Lighting introduces in-grade luminaires for swimming pools

Underwater lighting, especially for swimming pool installations, is required to adhere to a stricter set of standards due to safety reasons and the extraordinarily corrosive operating environment. MP Lighting has achieved the balance between these technical requirements and the aesthetic appeal through a combination of thorough design, fine selection of corrosion-resistant materials and well-controlled manufacturing process.

20 November, 2019

Meteor Lighting announces 3 Award Winning Luminaires

Three luminaires from Meteor Lighting received the 2019 PIA awards by Architectural SSL. This award is an industry stamp of excellence; judged and recognized by industry experts and continues the company’s tradition of creating award winning luminaires. The Whiz 2.0, Duo 4 and Duo 6 all received these awards highlighting the company’s emphasis on architectural and high performance designs.

9 November, 2019

Kreon announces a brand new magnetic track system and spotlight

kreon 48V Magnetic Track System is a convenient way to light up your walls in any space you desire. The 48V system is low voltage and energy efficient. It can be surface, recessed or pendant mounted – 90deg. corners available as an option. When recessed, the trimless installation is discreet, bringing an elegant, clean design to any room. The kreon 48V Magnetic Track System provides freedom and flexibility with its customizable track system. With the cutting edge magnetic light source you are free to add or move the Kreon lights quickly and easily. This do-it-yourself feature allows you to direct the light where you need it in order to create spot, task or even ambience lighting. The magnetic low voltage system is perfect for high end residential, commercial or retail stores where displays are often changed.

4 November, 2019

Kreon award winning dolma 40 and side inline 40

kreon is proud to announce that dolma 40 and side in-line 40 have recieved the 2019 PIA award. The Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards (PIA) recognizes innovative LED and solid-state luminaires and fixtures on the market, while also spotlighting the players behind the components that make up these light sources. With judging and evaluation of products and systems from a panel of designers and lighting specialists skilled in product evaluation, the SSL PIA program awards manufacturers based on attributes, qualities, functionality and/or performance beyond industry standards.

4 November, 2019

SPI Lighting – The First-Ever Family of Luminous Cylinders

Rethink layered lighting with this attractive alternative to traditional oslid cylinder. Vallejo’s luminous body eliminates the cave effect and provides a comfortable source of brightness recognition. But it does more than just look good. Vallejo LC offers serious integrated downlight options up to 3000lm. See the full collection of 4″ to 12″ diameter cylinders on SPI Lighting’s website.

3 October, 2019

SPI Lighting – The Weightless Collection

“Beautiful and distinctive, these luminaires by SPI Lighting exhibit the purity and precision demanded by your most important designs. They’ll leave everyone talking about what isn’t there – a power cord.
– Zynn Ring – A minimalist masterpiece with slim 1.25” cross-section and seamless construction.
– Zynn Lines – Complementary 4’ and 8’ lines of light with exceptional fit and finish.
– Pavo 2″” Horizontal – First-of-its-kind 2” diameter cylindrical pendant featuring 360° of pure light.
– Novato 2″” Frame – Sleek 2” cross-section luminaire with three fully-luminous sides and seamless diffuser.”

3 October, 2019

Meteor Lighting – UL 924 Certified High Ceiling Luminaires

The Flagship Whiz series now both have UL 924 listings. This is a new solution for engineers and lighting designers looking for a High Ceiling option to adhere to the latest National Electrical code standards. Both fixtures can meet minimum lighting levels and overriding controls in emergency mode to light the path of egress in the event of an emergency, increasing the safety of occupants.

3 October, 2019

Meteor Lighting – New Orion & Edge Pendants

The Orion & Edge are new 4-Inch aperture cylinders from Meteor Lighting with a lumen package range of 1,200 – 4,000 lm. Both feature the patented POWER LINE SYSTEM™ technology, which Powers and Suspends the luminaire in one mounting system. This means breaking free from power cords and is the next evolutionary step in Architectural cylinder design. The Orion & Edge are also available in Stem, Cord, Surface and Wall Mount options for ultimate flexibility designed to Elevate and Illuminate your space.

3 October, 2019

Bega – Amber LED Portfolio Expansion

While oceanfront property is highly desirable for tourists and homeowners alike, artificial lighting along certain coastlines endangers the local wildlife. When sea turtles hatch on the beach, they instinctually make their way to the ocean by following the reflection of the moon and starlight off of the water. Strict lighting guidelines must be followed in many coastal cities to combat this issue, including both light distribution and light source restrictions.

23 August, 2019

Lumascape and Holm

After a yearlong strategic partnership, Lumascape recently joined the Hunter Industries family of companies.

“We are excited to welcome Lumascape into the Hunter family,” said Gene Smith, President of Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting at Hunter Industries. “Lumascape has a solid reputation in the architectural lighting sector that will help us bring innovative solutions to new markets.”

22 August, 2019


Advanced design and engineering hides all adjustment mechanisms and power supplies within the track itself, for clean lines and no visual clutter. Available in surface or recessed, this is the least intrusive, most fully-featured track system available. Two fixture sizes offer increased design options, especially for smaller spaces and lower ceilings. One-handed installation combined with hot-aim tilt up to 90° and 361° rotation provide simple and efficient all-around adjustability.

19 November, 2018


The firmus fixture range is presented with a reserved, straightforward design. This fixture series is perfect for the urban area such as public spaces and the surrounding architecture, which are perfectly staged without being in competition with the illuminated architecture. The scalability where maximum luminous flux and the different application-oriented light distributions curves available transform the firmus fixture range into an indispensable tool for architects, lighting designers or town planners.

19 November, 2018


Alphabet of Light, designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), can be used to design light in a space with words as well as graphic signs using simple base modules with specific geometric proportions that can be combined to create countless linear or curved structures of light. It has a minimal presence yet houses groundbreaking optoelectronic and mechanical innovation, providing a continuous, even light.

19 November, 2018


New from Luxxbox’s award-winning range of acoustic lights comes ‘Ac-lipse’. One side striking LED illumination, the other side sound-absorbing acoustic material to help you Think Better, Work Better. With both the frame and acoustic panel colors customizable, Ac-lipse is sure fit for any interior space, helping reduce sound-related stress and fatigue. Available in two diameters (25″ and 41″), ‘Ac-lipse’ can be pivoted 360 degrees on its 2 suspension cables, allowing for multi-directional light distribution.

19 November, 2018


The Linear One sets out to produce a series that works with your vision instead of crowding it. Creativity begins with great design and Linear One is streamlined to work for you. Meticulously crafted linear lights that install with no visible cables creating the clutter-free space your work deserves. This means that subtlety enhanves your aesthetic as Linear One remains hidden while serving as the powerhouse behind your visual creation. Refined to work with your creativity, Linear One provides end-to-end modular functionality that adapts to your needs and never works against them.

19 November, 2018


Embed is a tidy and minimalist package that offers two distinct light sources challenging the typical visual language associated with recessed spotlights. At its core is a powerful spot shielded by a transparent lens. Surrounding the core is a diffuser evenly lit by a secondary light source creating a soft semi-direct light visible on the surrounding ceiling. Embed is offered in white and anthracite.

19 November, 2018


The ILEX Lena is a minimalistic .75 inch ultra-thin aluminum fixture with an acrylic diffuser. The Lena’s integrated LEDs keep design at the forefront, with a sleek and modern aesthetic. Lena offers all the added benefits this category provides, such as ADA compliance, fixture longevity, and 3000K CCT. Available in 24, 36, 48 and 60 inches, dimmable in all four lengths. The back plate track allows for flexibility on where the back plate is positioned on any of the four lengths. The back plate can be placed within 1 1/2” to either end of the fixture.

19 November, 2018


Kreon wabi is a versatile exterior IP65 spotlight / IP67 bollard, designed to provide architectural accent lighting to buildings. An LED light source is contained within the fully directional and lockable light head that can be fixed to walls or attached to the optional ground post. Kreon wabi has a 30° beam angle that can be adjusted 360 degrees. An optional glare-prevention cylinder can be employed to improve lighting control. The Wabi won a 2018 Product Innovation Award in the exterior luminaires category with Architectural SSL magazine.

19 November, 2018


The next-generation ZDClink™ controller with Luxor® technology represents the future of advanced, low-voltage lighting control. In addition to incorporating zoning, dimming, and color into a single controller, Luxor can now create up to 40 distinct themes. The controller also comes preset with convenient calendar-based programming, timed sunrise and sunset offsets, and dual 15V outputs.

19 November, 2018