Seamless and linear

Variety integrates perfectly into architecture. INTEGRAL offers three fixture types, DOWNLIGHT, WALL WASH, and GIMBAL ADJUSTABLE ACCENT. These three fixtures are part of a multi-functional recessed linear luminaire family.

DOWNLIGHT – Available in 3, 6, and 9 cell lengths.  It features UGR < 13, a shielding angle of 45°, various lumen packages, beam spreads, and more.

WALL WASH – No glare and no light scatter on the front wall or ceiling! The miniaturized version of the liteCarve® free-form reflector now makes it possible. This solution emits 100 percent of the light directly, purposefully, and evenly onto the vertical surface.

GIMBAL ADJUSTABLE ACCENT – A linear fixture with two axes of adjustment, INTEGRAL shows how it can be done. Synchronously tiltable reflectors and a pivotable light head rise to the challenge.

Take a look at the Integral collection!


Seamless transition, perfect glare control

The architectural CARDAN evolution blends flexibility with an unobtrusive look, setting new standards in accent lighting and raising retail experiences to a whole new level. In contrast to conventional adjustable solutions, CARDAN evolution cleverly manages to avoid illuminating

itself while also not losing light within the fixture when adjusted. This collection presents two options, Medium and Large. The CARDAN Medium is a multifunctional lamp unit rotatable 360° and tilts +30°, while the CARDAN Large adjusts to 355° and tilts +20°.


When invisible matters

Zumtobel presents the new Zumtobel Spectrum technology with LED lighting that imitates natural daylight better than ever before. The color spectrum of the LED is adapted to the daylight spectrum in a novel way.  Zumtobel Spectrum harmonizes the light spectrum to get as close as possible to natural daylight from a human perspective. Check out this unique technology!

June 28, 2022