A bestseller by Favaretto & Partners

The elegant and delicate look of the blown glass finds a new dimension in the Jube collection. Two glass units are cut very precisely by water creating the look of a single piece. The overlaps of the two glass parts create different hues, giving it a charming vintage mood. This design features various shades of finish, has an integrated LED and is ETL listed.


Iconic and versatile

A pure element: the crystal hook. It is the intuition of a master of Italian design Angelo Mangiarotti, who in 1967 gave rise to a best seller of the Vistosi catalog, Giogali. An iconic interweaving of glass hooks forms many versions, both suspended and surface mount. The light passing through the crystal results in a new form oxide that highlights the unique shape of the fixture. ETL Listed.


A beautiful floating aesthetic

Designed by Pio and Tito Toso, the Balance collection is inspired by the elliptical orbit of a planet around the sun. It is available as a pendant, ceiling, or wall lamp. It is the perfect answer for those looking for a unique, sleek shape with beautiful curves and sleek lines. The diffuser offers a large lighting surface area despite a minimalist metal frame. The fixture includes integral LED Light Source and ETL listing.

May 25, 2023