REV 4, REV 6, and REV 8 Prime – This family of downlights offers a classic downlight look with great performance and exceptional options. The REV 4, REV 6, and REV 8 Prime feature static white, tunable white, warm dim, and White + RGB. A stunning 50% of output is dedicated to white, for a fixture that really performs! In addition to dazzling colors, this series also offers up to 8400 lumens in a 4” aperture or 24,867 delivered lumens in an 8” aperture!

Whiz 2.0

WHIZ 2.0 – One of Meteor’s finest jewels, the WHIZ 2.0 has a sleek design with a variety of features that makes it an all-in-one product for direct or indirect applications. White + RGB technology devotes 50% of output to white. The W+RGB version of this fixture offers with 16,520 Delivered Lumens in 3000K plus RGB output in one fixture!


DOT Series – These small but mighty gems are sleek cylinders with diameters of 1.5″ to 3.5”. These fixtures pack a punch with 800-200 delivered lumens.

DUO 4 and DUO 6 – No visible connectors and hidden signal wire! These gems glow brightly direct and indirect lighting. These luminaires feature power over aircraft cable with seamless exterior finishing.

Lance 4 and 6- The outdoor/indoor cylinder line features linear, wall wash and forward throw distributions. The Lance 6 also features individually controlled White + RGB for direct and indirect distributions. Plus natatorium rating!

February 2, 2022